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Hope offered to deprived children, elderly and widows

Islamabad: Teachers and students of Pak-Turk Islamabad Girls Campus visited several social service organisations to offer hope to deprived, let them know that they are not alone and to bring smiles back to them.

The teachers and students distributed gifts, cash and articles of daily use among underprivileged children, elderly, disabled, widows, homeless women, and orphans at Edhi Home, Nijat Trust Old Home and Dar-e-Ali Bin Abi Talib.

Parentless and vulnerable children were served in form of books, fees, and uniforms to make a positive impact in their lives.

At the occasion, many old, abandoned and widows shared stories of their lives. They said that no one from their families visited them since long despite the fact that they had sacrificed everything for their children only to know that they would be thrown in an old-age home.

Every person, who puts a parent in a home for the aged, should ask himself how he would feel if his children did the same to him when he became old, said a widow.

A senior citizen said that relations that cannot contribute to family income should not become a burden and money should not be the only factor to define relationships. Elderly people need to be looked after like a child, throwing them out is against humanity and teachings of Islam.

The disadvantaged expressed their happiness and appreciated the efforts to serve them and bring hope in their dismal lives.

They blessed teachers and students of Pak-Turk Islamabad Girls Campus Welfare Club after they were assured that they would not be forgotten.

We are engaged in this humanitarian work for Almighty Allah; we look forward to meeting the needs of many more poor people and we are extremely glad for the increase in the number of people receiving help, the teachers said.

They said that out of 50 million children under of age 17 years in Pakistan about 4.2 million are orphans, this is our responsibility to take good care of them and make them successful in life, they added.

Blessed are those who have the old with them, it is ironical that old people are considered a burden. We have learnt a lesson to treat the aged with love and affection, the students said. Everyone must realise the importance of old people in our life.

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