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October 30, 2011 was a turning point in the history of Pakistan:PTI

Lahore: PTI has arranged a meeting at Minar-e- Pakistan where its tsunami had seen to lahorites.According to the PTI leadership, . It was the day when a new force in the shape of PTI emerged on the political scene of the country. This provided an option to the people who had been stuck for choices between the status quo forces of traditional political parties that had off and on ruled the country for the last forty years but delivered nothing. The state that the country is in today is a testament to the failure of the status quo parties. Economy is in shambles, governance is deplorable and people have no security of life or property. It is this legacy that had created a sense of despair because people could not see a way out given the political choices they had. The emergence of Imran Khan as a national leader and PTI as a major force changed this gloomy scenario and there was now a genuine choice available in the political spectrum.

Since October 30 PTI has grown into a major national political force. In most surveys Imran Khan has emerged as the most popular politician in the country and PTI as the leading party nationwide. It has often been the top choice of the people in surveys. During the year PTI has also taken bold initiatives for national unity. It held a massive public meeting in Karachi, arguably the largest in its history. No other party besides the MQM has been able to do that. It then held a public meeting in Quetta, a city that other politicians either never visit or if they do, never leave the safety of their hotels. Then, to protect national soveriegnty and reach out to the people of FATA Imran Khan led PTI’s historic march to Waziristan. All these political initiatives were taken despite serious threats.
During the year since October 30, 2011 PTI has also taken the initiative to create a vision for new Pakistan by announcing major policies on the Economy, Local Government and Health. Other policies are in the pipeline with Education policy to announced soon. The party is also preparing for genuine intra party elections starting on November 2 in Islamabad. This was done after a massive membership campaign in which nearly ten million responded. Both the membership campaign and intra party elections are unprecedented in the history of the sub continent.

The year since October 30 has been a glorious history of successes for the PTI and God willing it is poised to sweep the next elections.

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