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Offal’s should be properly discarded to avoid Congo virus:PMS

Lahore: EID-Ul-Azha must be celebrated with special precautions about health, as excessive use of red meat, salt and chilies’ can increase stomach acidity and can be dangerous for those having problems of Regurgitation, stomach ulcers, diabetes, hypertension, liver, renal, cardiac problems and hepatitis. Meat containing food should be freshly prepared and tailored according to health need of individual. The use of cola drinks with spicy food can do more harm; these views were expressed by General cadre Doctors Association president & Pakistan Medical Society chairman Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh, regarding an issue of “health & Eid -ul- Azha”.

Dr sheikh added that not more than 200 to 250 grams of the red meat is needed by our bodies in whole day, excessive meat increases uric acid level, leading to increased incidence of Gouty arthritis and puts burden on our kidneys. People having deranged kidney functions or those having problem of hepatitis should take special precaution. He added that the fats attached with red meat should not be used as a replacement of oil or ghee, as this is more dangerous form of fats that can lead to hypertension and heart disease. . One should be careful while making the bar-b-que like tikkas, booti, sajji, as excessive burning of the meat can produce chemicals that can be dangerous for the health, and some of these are potential carcinogens. Principal Allam Iqbal Medical College & Jinnah Hospital, Lahore Prof Dr Mahmood Shaukat There should be extra care regarding handling blood and organs of sacrificed animal, as they may carry congo virus and can lead to emergence of a very serious disease called Congo hemorrhagic fever. He said that symptoms of Congo virus are related to dengue having an onset with high grade fever, bleeding from skin & mucous membranes, and the more important is the mood swing associated with Congo. Mood swing varies from over activity to depression during the course of disease. He said that Congo is a deadly virus with mortality around 30%. He said that there should have extra care regarding handling of the animal blood and organs, and all the offal’s should be properly discarded to avoid emergence of any disease soon after Eid.

Renowned family physician Dr Israr hussain Asif said that certain parts of the meat are rich in cholesterol like the brain masala, and sire paye, and should be avoided by those having high cholesterol level. He added that the children should be kept away from the slaughter scene as this can lead to future phobias. Sir Ganga Ram Hospital Prof of Surgery Prof Dr Latif Aftab said that during slaughtering there have been incidences of the injuries sustained by knives or the animal itself. He added that both mutton and beef are A-class protein providers and high in nutritional value. After sacrifice, meat should be kept at a cool place before freezing, because it undergoes mortis phenomenon after slaughtering. He said the meat should be properly cooked, as half-baked meat could cause infectious. He said that on Eid-ul-Azha sacrificial meat of animals, including goat, cow, sheep and camel, which is known as red meat, should be consumed in combination with vegetable and yogurt.

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