Thursday , June 21 2018
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US should stop drone attacks for peace in the region:PTI

Lahore: PTI strongly condemns today’s drone attack in Mir Ali area of the North Waziristan agency, an area bordering Pakistan and Afghanistan. The attack killed three in the area. PTI strongly maintains that these strikes which are continuously causing innocent deaths are a violation of all international laws and conventions protecting human rights. These drone attacks are a direct infringement of sovereignty and territorial integrity of Pakistan.

PTI urges all responsible stake holders to get to gather and formulate a policy so that these drone attacks should be immediately stopped as stressed in the purpose behind the Peace March recently carried out by the party. It is unfortunate that the present government has turned a deaf ear towards these happenings from the time it has come into power. We demand that the details of those militants which have been claimed to have been the target of this strike be revealed. It is important for US to review its foreign policy on justified bi-lateral and healthier relations between the two countries. US should immediately stop drone attacks on Pakistan for peace in the region.

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