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JI women and children rally against blasphemy

Lahore: Thousands of women and children staged a massive a rally in the Punjab capital to condemn the blasphemy of the Holy Prophet.

A resolution adopted on the occasion called for an apology from theUSon recurring acts of blasphemy of the Holy Prophet and the desecration of the Holy Quran.  Failing this, the Muslim world should go for a complete economic boycott of the west, stop oil to the West and withdraw its wealth from theUSand Western banks.

JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, in his address on the occasion, called upon theUSand the western countries to make necessary legislation to stop the repetition of such mischief in future.

He also impressed upon the Muslim rulers to abandon their indifference on the blasphemy issue and announce complete economic boycott of the countries involved in blasphemy.

Liaqat Baloch said that the US and European countries had got used to desecration of the Holy Quran and the blasphemy of the Noble Prophet which hurt the sentiments of one a half billion Muslims on the world. He said that such a satanic practice in the name of freedom of expression must come to an end.

He said the western world had failed to provide peace and prosperity to the world and the people were finding shelter in Islam. In fact, he said, the west was terrified over the fast advancement of Islam and had come down to dirty things. He said theUShad chosen a disastrous path and this would hasten its destruction.

Secretary General, JI women wing, Dr Rukhsana Jabeen addressing the rally, said that the west had thrown a challenge to the Muslim world under theUSpatronage. TheUSwas fully patronizing the sick minds involved in blasphemy of the Holy Prophet and projecting them as heroes. She deplored the silence of the Muslim rulers on the issue when the whole Ummah was on roads.

Begum Aisha Munawar and provincial chief of the JI women wing, Sakeena Shahid, also spoke on the occasion.

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