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Tehsil level participation figure jumped to over 100,000

Lahore: The in the Tehsil level of the Punjab Youth Festival 2012 has jumped to over 100,000 in the province on the fifth day on Tuesday.

Although the activity was slow in the start of this third level due to certain reasons but it has increased gradually and over the next coming days there would be great hustle and bustle with all the departments involved in this level having finalised the list of competitors and holding the events at different venues. On the day there were 47275 participants with 14432 winning their respective matches and games.

The Tehsil level has 91 events to compete in among 30 sectors of society and apart from sports events which are arm wrestling, athletics, badminton, billiard, cricket, tug of war, bodybuilding, football, fun race, weightlifting, basketball, chess, kabaddi, mat wrestling, mud wrestling and table tennis, there are competitions in general categories. These categories include naat khani, qirat, cooking, horticulture, painting, pet competition, photography, poetry/mushaira, millinaghme, kitchen gardening and healthy baby competitions.

There are also competitions like bull, dog, donkey cart, horse, bull cart races, tippling/pigeon flying, best agriculture produce and best livestock produce in rural sector included in this level.

From among the total participants in 291 union councils from different tehsils 27,652 won their respective matches and competitions with Lahore division alone, having 2249 winners from among 4795 participants in just sports events. The provincial capital got the involvement of 1286 people and 643 were the winners. Similarly, Kasur have 2613 people’s participation while Sheikhupura and Nankana Sahib have 506 and 390 participants respectively.

In Lahore city’s nine town,

In Aziz Bhatti Town, Fun race of 2. 5 KM was conducted. Danish, Mahmood Ans, Kashif Khan, Mohammad Mahboob, Mohammad Imran, Mohammad Aziz, Mohammad Bilal, Imtiaz Ali were the winners in a row. In Tug of War, Nazim XI beat Mudasir XI, in Arm Wrestling, Hassan Ali defeated Noman, Tariq beat Sajid and Farukh beat Mudasir. In the Cricket TB, Khokhar beat Forty two XI by 2 runs. Malik XI defeated beat Shah XI by 8 runs while Lahore Badshah beat Ghaziabad XI by 26 runs.

In Iqbal Town, Cricket HB matches were played in which Union council 11 beat Union council 120, Union council 133 defeated Union council 110 whereas in the final match between Union council 133 and Union council 118 the former team won. In the Football, Union council 122 beat Union council 144, 2-0. Union council 120 outplayed Union council 116, 2-0. In the Cricket TB, Union council 112 beat Union council 117 by 13 runs.

In the Ravi Town, 92 competitions of Cricket HB, Cricket TB, Badminton, Volleyball, Arm Wrestling and Billiard were held. In the Cricket HB, Union council 10 won the match over Union council 9 by 27 runs. In Cricket TB, Union council 2 beat Union council 10 by 4 runs. In badminton tournaments, Union council 8 beat Union council 3, 2-0. In the Volleyball, Union council 12 remained winner against Union council 1, 2-0.

In Nishtar Town, Tug of War, Union council 64 beat Union council 141, in the second match, Union Council 138 defeated Union council 136, Union council 140 beat Union council 139. Union council 145 defeated Union council 146 while in the sixth match Union council 143 thrashed Union council 144.

In the Arm Wrestling, Union council 4’s Munawar Hussain defeated Union council 3’s Khurram Raza. Union council 9’s Noman Ismail beat Union council 10’s Haider Ali. Union council 14’s Bilal beat Union council 13’s Haider.

Meanwhile, the other parts of the province also developed healthy interest as Rawalpindi division had 4415 involved in both sports and general events and from among them 2127 won their competitions. Attock registered 1917 people registered in nine general and sports events and 1226 won their matches while Jhelum got 906 entangled in different events and sun shone over 409.

At Sargodha around 2652 participated in sports events and 903 were the winners with Mianwali alone had 928 registrations for the day.

Like the previous levels, Gujranwala remained one of the most actively involved divisions in the festival where 10215 people assembled at different venues for competitions by luck favoured 2199. Sialkot district was the above all of the Gujranwala districts with having 4960 taking parting in team sports events and 37 of them won their matches.

At Faisalabad 4413 took part in festival activity and 1368 were the winners while in other districts of the division, a total of 1865 won from among 6154 participants. At Sahiwal 2962 saw 746 winning from among them and likewise at Multan around 12115 took part in the festival events and 3443 went home smiling. In Multan city alone 995 winners from 3809 participants made the competitions more interesting. Bahawalpur got 657 winners when 1448 took part in the events and Dera Ghazi Khan had 2519 participants in its two districts alone with win coming 243 people way.

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