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NATO supply should be be closed the blasphemous film: PML-Q

Lahore: A special meeting of the Pakistan Muslim League Ulema Mashaikh Wing Punjab was held under the president ship of Maulana Allah Yar in the Muslim League House here today.

Ulema Mashaikh Wing Punjab President Maulana Allah Yar condemning the blasphemous film in the strongest possible words said that the Federal Government should close down the NATO supply to give its strong reaction over the blasphemous film in order to give a befitting lesson to all concerned.

Addressing the meeting also, Additional General Secretary PML Punjab Nasir Mahmud Gill, MPA Seemal Kamran, Haq Nawaz Sangla and Rana Iftikhar said that the western society has become a group void of human values and civil niceties and the so-called philosophy of freedom of expression is nothing but wild act.

Nasir Mahmud Gill said that showing great disrespect to the most beloved Holy Prophet (Peace Be pon Him) of 1. 25 billion Muslims through the blasphemous film after all is what nicety and freedom of expression?

MPA Seemal Kamran in her address condemned the blasphemous film and said that the West should not create such circumstances which could threaten the peace of the whole world.

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