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PPP ,PML-N Councillors join PTI

Lahore: Abdul Aleem Khan has said that those who increase patrol prices every week how claim to come again into power. As soon the elections would be announced the both major parliamentary parties would ascertain their value in the masses. He added that Imran Khan is the last hope to bring democratic and positive change in the country and if this chance is lost country would be at stake.

He was addressing here UC 32, Moghalpura where ex-Councillors of PML(N) Asghar Khan and Ch. Mohammad Nawaz and founder members of PPP Anwar Siddiqui and Ayub Khan Ghauri announced to join PTI in the presence of Abdul Aleem Khan. Haji Tasneem Shafie, Lala Rafique, Dr. Shahid, Rai Ahmed of Youth Wing, Gulraiz Iqbal of ISF, Ghazala Kanwal and Shaheen Kausar, Badar uz Zaman and a large number of people were present.

Abdul Aleem Khan said that the time has come to build the country as per dreams of Quaid and Iqbal and parties given chance in the last 30 years would never come again in the power. He said that no new slogan of PPP and PML N would attract the masses and now Imran Khan would play its leading role to bring the country out of crisis. He welcomed the new comers in the PTI and stressed the need to spread the message of change to every person. Abdul Aleem Khan said that as soon the elections would be announced a large number of people would join Tehrik-e-Insaaf

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