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Young Dr thrashed by AMS Mayo Hospital

Lahore: The additional MS Mayo Hospital Dr Tariq Ijaz PMA physically assaulted on Young Doctors Pakistan secretary general Dr Salman Kazmi and gave him life threats in front of MS office.

YDA has condemned the Dr Tariq Ijaz and protested against his attitude.Dozens of young doctors protested at hall road and block traffic against an incident of assault by AMS ,Mayo hospital Tariq ijaz on YDA Pakistan General Secretary Dr Salman Kazmi. Tariq ijaz had called Dr salman Kazmi in his office for a meeting on an issue of senior professor Dr Riaz Warraich’s transfer.When Dr Salman Kazmi reached in his office ,Tariq ijaz abused him and said why was he highlighting this issue of Prof.Riaz warriach.Dr Salman Kazmi said he would speak to M.S (Dr Zahid Pervaiz) and brief him on this matter.Upon this Tariq Ijaz got infuriated and attacked kazmi when he tried to leave his office.Five armed outsider were also present in his office and they pointed out guns on kazmi.

Meanwhile other members of YDA , Dr Talha ,Dr Rana sohail and Dr Khuda Bakhsh reached the spot.Tariq ijaz abused kazmi before them and threatened him with dire consequences.Two outsiders with guns gave kazmi murder threats.Young Doctors have demanded ,AMS should immediately be removed from his post and inquiry should be initiated against him.They said that AMS should brought to justice due to whom Mayo Hospital has lost its only expert maxillofascial expert surgeon and others felt threatened.If Tariq ijaz was not suspended and removed from Mayo Hospital within 24hours ,the doctors said they would announce next strategy.They demanded his suspension and legal proceeding against him.Later, young drs protested against the administration of the Mayo Hospital and blocked the Hall Road for more than two hours.The protesters declared Dr Tariq Ijaz attitude, administrative terrorism of Mayo Hospital’s administration.

PMA has also condemned the Mayo Hospital administration and said that The Addl. Medical Superintendent of Dr. Tariq Ijaz who is running the administrative matters on gun point and has crossed all limits by physically torturing the doctors of Mayo Hospital.

PMA Lahore in its emergent meeting presided over by Dr. Tanveer Anwar President PMA Lahore. Dr. Izhar Ahmed Ch.said that the torture exercised with the help of criminals of Gowalmandi is intolerable. The meeting was attending by Dr. Ihsan-ur-Rehman, Dr. Yasmin Ihsan, Dr. Kamran, Dr. Sabahat Habib Khan, Dr. Salman Kazmi, President of PMA Punjab Dr. Ashraf Nizami, Dr. Abrar Ashraf Ali, Dr. Farhat Naz, Dr. Muhammad Saeed and Central Joint Secretary Dr. Shahid Malik .

The office bearers demanded the Chief Minister Punjab to suspend the concerned AMS and hold an impartial enquiry of the incidence.

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