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Imran Khan rejects current rise in the petroleum products

Lahore: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf and states that the government eveolved out of the bad deal i.e. NRO has nothing to do with hardships of the masses.

In a statement issued by PTI central office, the Chairman called the new rise in the petroleum pricis a “cruel act” and said that by doing so rulers were persuing a strange agenda imported from abroad.

“The rise in the petroleum prices would be followed by price hike in the country that would add to the hardships of the common” he stated.
According to Mr. Khan the regime had completely failed to provide relief to the masses as few people were dying of terrorsim while the rest were being plunged into multiple crisis likely to emerge out of inflation and price hike.

He vividly declared that the four-year long worst period of misgovernance had exposed the economy to the historic losses yet the gas and electricirty crisis had promoted joblessness and unemployment in the country. He stated too that the crisis could not be resolved without rooting the cruel and corrupt system out.

Encouraging nation for welcoming the change, Chairman PTI said, “We would hold the the culprits responsible as voted to the power and bring in prosperity through rule of law.”

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