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PTI unveils its economic plan

Lahore: PTI unveiled its economic plan for the nation which envisages a more than doubling of the growth rate of the economy through an investment and trade driven growth strategy.

It also foresees a significant reduction in the current back breaking levels of inflation and the creation of ten million new jobs over a five year period. Most importantly it moves Pakistan towards the ideal of a sovereign welfare state where the fruits of development are shared by the entire nation and not just the elite.
PTI issued a wakeup call to the nation today, in a hard hitting presentation the Economic Policy team exposed the worst ever performance of government’s in Pakistan’s history.

PTI castigated the federal and provincial governments for misplaced priorities, incompetence and greed. No effort has been made in the last five years to address the basic problems facing the citizens today including highest ever sustained inflation, no jobs, a crippling energy crisis and deteriorating law & order. The failure of the state to look after its citizens comes at a very high price, with key human development and welfare indicators for Pakistan being worse than some of the poorest Sub-Saharan African states and lagging behind other countries in south Asia.

PTI pledged to focus all energy towards improving livelihoods for the citizens and creating jobs for the youth through a radical reforms program. A Five pillar emergency reforms program has been drafted by PTI in consultation with key stakeholders including top businessmen, academics, technical specialists, labor unions, farmer associations and the youth of Pakistan. Despite the momentous challenges ahead, PTI’s reforms program will not only rescue the crumbling state but also meet the aspirations of our citizens, in particular the youth, for a sovereign welfare state.

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