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Pakistan is built to live forever:Pervaiz Musharraf

Lahore: All Pakistan Muslim League president Pervaiz Musharraf has said that .

In a press statatement issued here on Tuesday on the eve of Independence Day, he said that “Today we should reiterate our commitment to make Pakistan prosperous through hardworking by day and night,” He urged the whole nation for rendering hectic efforts to bring Pakistan in the comity of the developed nations.
He recalled the saying of the Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah who in his address on Aug 11,1947 made it clear that in Pakistan all the peoples belonging to different religions and sects would be free to act upon their beliefs but unfortunately some anti-social elements were hatching conspiracies and creating a sense of deprivation among the minorities to malign Pakistan in the world. All the minorities including Hindus have the equal right of employment and in other matters, he added.
He said that Pakistan had been set with external and internal crises and needed collective efforts to steer out the country with enthusiasm.

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