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Institutions clash would not benefit to anyone: Altaf Hussain

Karachi: Mutihidha Quami Movement Quaid Altaf Hussain has said that
Parliament should recognize Judiciary and Judiciary should respect the parliament.
It is essential for continuation and stability of democracy in the country that both the institutions should respect each other, he added.

Addressing MQM welfare institution Khidmat e Khalq Foundation in Karachi, Altaf Hussain said that the freedom of Pakistan is restricted and always has been concealed from the masses. If the government is not bound and restricted in Sindh, how extortionists have taken the masses of Karachi hostages.Renowned scientist Dr A Q Khan, PPP leader Agha Siraj Durani and members of MQM Rabita Committee were also present.

He said that the world famous scientist A Q Khan made nuclear bomb for Pakistan but the rulers detained him behind bars.

Replying a question regarding coming back to the country, he said that if he had been here in Pakistan, he would have been arrested or killed.

“The MQM is desirous that miscreants should be discouraged and confrontation between parliament and judiciary should come to an end. Every institution should work while remaining within its jurisdiction”, said MQM leader.

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