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Pakistan needs special laws to intercept terrorism

Islamabad:The business community of the Capital city on Friday said country needs special laws to deal with terrorism and insurgency so that Pakistan can become a peaceful place to live.

Masses and business community deserve a terror free society where everyone can pursue his goals and play role in the national development with peace of mind, they said.

Speaking to business community in Blue Area, Malik Sohail, Chairman Media, FPCCI who has also served as President of Blue Area, VP NTA and SVP ICCI said that Parliament should become serious in saving lives and property of its own people by revisiting the anti-terrorism laws.He said that many terrorists escape punishment due to weaker laws which have failed to deter enemies of Pakistan.More than fifty thousand officers and men from Armed forces, ISI and MI have sacrificed their lives in the war on terror and insurgency in Balochistan but the situation is still fragile which calls for drastic measures including provision of appropriate tools to intercept and obstruct terror, said Malik Sohail.

He said that our lawmakers can review The USA Patriot Act 2001, The Anti-terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001of UK, Anti-Terrorism Act 2005 of Australia, Anti-Terrorism law of Sri Lanka, and Terrorist and Disruptive Activities (Prevention) Act (TADA) of India to contain the menace.Others who spoke on the occasion included Chairman of Blue Area Malik Saghir, Syed Nadeem Mansoor, Amin Pirzada, Liaquat Ali Noon, Yusuf Rajput, Haji Muhammad Naeem, Imran ul Haq, Shakil Aziz, and Raja Hassan Akhtar.

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