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Six people died due to fire in TV station

Lahore:At least six people have died and nine seriously burnt when
fire erupted at Koh-e-noor TV building in Garhi Shahu, Lahore. The fire erupted in woe hour of Monday morning due to short circuit and engulfed the whole building within mintues.

Rescue emergency and edhi foundation ambulances reached the spot after receiving the information but they could not start rescue work immediately as the building has a single narrow entrance resultantly the people who stuck in the building could not get out of it. According to the officials fire erupt due to short circuit that engulfed the whole building within mintues. It was such a sudden action that nobody present in the building could not come out to save their lives.

The families of the victims stage protest outside the studio and refuse to take the bodies till they were assured that Chief Minister would visit their homes and legal action against the TV management being taken. The chief minister Punjab has ordered an enquiry to find out the facts. The TV is running by a notorious gambler of the city, police told the media.police have registered a case against the TV management and have taken the owner into custody.

all four guests who came for special Ramadan show were burnt to death including two crew member while nine people including cameramen were injured because of the fire who were being treated at mayo hospital

All the guests were invited to recite Naat. This tragedy raises many questions how some of these channels are being run. It needs proper inquiry and action.

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