Wednesday , July 18 2018
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Pakistani students visits University in Edinburgh

Lahore: Pakistani top position-holder boy and girl students who are visiting Europe have reached Scotland and visited University, fort and other historical places in Edinburgh.
When the students reached University of Edinburgh, they were given a warm welcome by the university administration. Senior professor of the university, Gareth Harrison gave a briefing to the students about the university. He informed the students that this university which was set up in 1583, is famous the world over for its research work and standard of teaching. He said that this university is among the ancient universities of the world and it is the best and quality institution of Scotland where about 30 thousand students are studying. He said that philosopher David Hume, Scientist Charles Darwin, a prominent writer JK Rowling and former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown have studied in this university. 15 persons belonging to the university got noble prize from which the importance of the university can be judged. The students visited all sections of the university and sought information about the subjects being taught and method of teaching in the university.

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