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Punjab Govt is unfortunately presenting wrong facts:PMA

Lahore:The Punjab govt. is unfortunately presenting wrong facts about the salaries of doctors in the media to mislead the public. The reality is contrary to the claims of the government. Such misleading statements are further aggravating the situation and creating unrest in the doctor’s community. There are more than 1000 seats of doctors lying vacant in the province and the govt. of Punjab has failed to hire doctors on theses seats despite repeated advertisements in the last 2 years. The salary of a new graduate doctor is Rs.24000/- while the stenographer of high court is getting about Rs.65000/-

Government of Punjab is comparing doctors with the govt. departments which work 8:00 to 2:00 while the doctors are working 24/7 the whole week and are on duties even on Sunday and national holidays. If the doctors will not be there in the hospitals all free medicines, new buildings, dialysis centers, AC and Generators will go to waste and public will not be able to get treatment facilities without doctors.

Government of Punjab should spend 6 billion rupees on the services structure of doctors instead of spending 17 billion in construction of new hospitals. They should concentrate on filling the already vacant seats of doctors in the hospitals.

YDA office bearers bearers Dr. Rana Sohail, Dr. Salman Kazmi, Dr. Talha Sherwani, Dr. Ghulam Qasim, Dr. Murtaza Bloch, Dr. Muhammad Khawar Khan, Dr. Shahid Dreshik, Dr. Waqas Gondal, Dr. Shehzad, Dr. Asim, Dr. Shams, Dr. Muhammad Azhar and Dr. Muhammad Amjad have further said that the budget for free medicine was also too less and it should be raised because in such a less budget the government infact providing the lowest and cheapest quality medicines to the public in the name of free medicine.

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