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New seniority list demanded by General Cadre Doctors

Dr Masud Akhtar Sheikh

Lahore:General cadre doctor’s association president Dr Masood Akhtar Sheikh has said that general cadre doctors are the back bone of the health delivery system, and their promotion will resultantly improve the level of the health care in whole of Punjab.He was addressing the emergent meeting of executive committee.

Dr. Masood Akhtar Sheikh said that many medical college and hospital has been added in Punjab since 1994, and hundreds of seats of BPS 17 medical officers created in this way. There should be proportionate increase in seats of grade 18, 19 and 20 as per existing formula, and there is a need to reaffix the seats after this increase. He said that this would enhance the number of seats of the grade 19 and 20 officer. Dr Masood Sheikh who is also the chairman of Pakistan Medical Society added that many of the General Cadre Doctors have been promoted to the level of senior registrar and specialist in different specialties, there promotion has resultantly vacated seats of General Cadre Doctors.
He said that the seniority list that was available before this change is not applicable now, he demanded that a new list of General Cadre Doctors after this change should be immediately notifies. He said that if the seat of grade 18 to 20 is reaffixed as per new increase in seat and seniority lists are made again after this new notification of doctors in teaching cadre and specialist cadre then the remaining general cadre doctors can soon be promoted to the nest scale. Dr Rana Rafiq, Dr Arif, Dr Rubina, Dr Riaz, Dr Alia, Dr Shahid khursheed and others also addressed the meeting.

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