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Sho made politicians could not serve the people:Yosaf Raza Gilani

Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani

Lahore: Prime Minister has said thathe never requested for vote, Marshal Law chapter has been closed in Pakistan. He was talking to media persons at state guest house Lahore .while blasting on judiciary he said the court did not give any favour to his sons but they go all out for help to Chief justice’s son Dr Arslan. My sons went to court, NAB and ANF offices for investigation and inquiry on every date but CJ never heard their cases although I was chief executive, I asked him that I have full confidence on him, my sons were like his sons,  he should listen to their cases.

He wiped the Muslim League-N and said those who came into power by the help of police and Sho’s, could not resolve the public issues. Nawaz Sharif brought every case to the court including rental power, Memo Scandal, Hajj corruption case, his eligibility case etc, he became party in every case against me and the government but he did not become party in Dr Arslan case. Nawaz Sharif should become party in this case too.

He blasted upon the Punjab Government performance and said it never work public welfare, Shahbaz Sharif abolished Pervaiz Elahi Government projects for generating power. If they would have continued these projects, power crises would never touch this height. Punjab government did not want to end load shedding issue that’s why it never accept any solution. First time in the history of Pakistan a Chief Minister was leading the processions against power shortage. Masses were damaging the private and public properties under the Police protection.

While answering a question he said Local Bodies Election was a provincial matter, my government did not order for it. The court has ordered for Local Bodies Election, now those who always played the cassette of court orders respect, should compliance the Court Orders and announce Local Bodies Election on party basis. He condemned the Punjab government for its decision regarding Local Bodies Election on non party basis and said non party basis election were conducted in British Rule .Muslim League –N leadership should understand this reality and stopped the undemocratic attitude. He blamed that they were victimizing the south Punjab peoples by ignoring them in development projects. He said next general election would be on its time after completion of his government tenure.


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