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Wants to make Safari and Jallo as model parks :Ch Ghafoor

Lahore:Provincial Minister for Planning and Development, Ch. Abdul Ghafoor has said that best opportunities of investment are available in Pakistan and Turkey can further strengthen the existing friendly relations between the two countries through investment in different sectors.

This was stated by him at a luncheon in honour of a 7-member Turk delegation headed by Saadi Yeldrari at Raiwind. Ch. Abdul Ghafoor said that Turkey has already made investment in different projects in Punjab including transport, solid waste management, energy and parks & horticulture. He said that Punjab Chief Minister wants to make Lahore Safari and Jallo Park as model parks for providing modern and affordable recreational facilities to Lahorities. He said that Turkey can promote trade relations through investment in different sectors in Pakistan.
Director Albarak, Saadi Yaldrari said that there are vast opportunities of investment in Pakistan and Turk investors are desirous of investment in Pakistan as they have great love for the country. He said that trade relations will further strengthen between the two countries in future.

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