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Enhanced trade only strong incentive against Pak, India tensions

Islamabad:The Attock Chamber of Commerce and Industry on Friday said enhanced trade is emerging as a strong incentive against war between Pakistan and India.
The two countries have missed many opportunities in last 65 years before a formal trade deal which can reduce tensions and cut defence budgets to benefit masses, it said.
Economic ties can flourish despite unresolved political conflicts which can transform region into nuclear wasteland, said Tariq Mehmood, President ACCI while speaking to business community.
India and China have many disputes, both countries have fought wars but they have also set a bilateral trade target of $100 billion by 2015, he said.
Similarly, China considers Taiwan as a province, both have history of near war situation since six decades but at the same time their bilateral trade crossed $175 billion mark.; investments of Taiwanese in China surpasses USD 200 billion.
French and English fought for centuries, eventually to become good business partners like US and Vietnam.
Tariq, who is Chairman FPCCI Standing Committee on Health and Director Pak-UK Business Council, said trade help can run both nuclear armed countries out of military options.
External forces like US lack will or capacity to resolve disputes therefore we must sit together to hammer out issues, he added.
He said that too much focus on nationalism and security has deprived two countries of many benefits while India remained deprived of access to Central Asia.
Enhanced trade shouldn’t be confused with compromise on political disagreements. Norway and Russia continued trade for four decades despite border dispute and we should also follow the suit, he said.
Tariq said that time has come when lobbies in both countries stop supporting outrageous investments in defence at the cost of health and education.

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