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Amir ul Azeem distributes Eid gifts among widows and orphans

Lahore : Secretary General , Jamaat e Islami, Amir ul Azeem, has called upon the government to immediately lift the curbs on the mosques, madrassas and imambargahs to enable the people offer Juma tul Wida and Eid prayer a mosques while observing the SOPs.

He was speaking at a function organized by the Al_Khidmat
Foundation Lahore at Mansoora, for the distribution of Eid gifts to
the widows and orphans.

Amir ul Azeem said that after the opening of all shopping
markets and transport under the Supreme Court orders, the curbs
on the mosques and imambargahs were unjustified. He said that
in every difficulty and affliction, the faithful turned to Allah for
divine help and solace, and for repentance but the government
had tried to limit the opportunities for that. He said that the raids at
the mosques and arrests of the Ulema and their harassment
should stop now.

Continuing, the JI Secretary General said that the look after
of the widows, orphans and destitute was the responsibility of the
government and the society. He said that provision of new cloths
and pairs of shoes on Eid and sharing the Eid pleasures with
them was essential to save them from the sense of deprivation.

The government, he said, should evolve a system under which
the deprived did not have to ask someone for help.

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