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Imran Khan should not be called selected PM : Raja Bisharat

Lahore : The Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Raja Basharat has said that Nawaz Sharif extremely seeks to go abroad but the Government is not empowered to send him abroad as it was the court that sentenced him to jail and rejected his bail request.

He was addressing the media after inaugurating a Calligraphy Exhibition at the Alhamra Arts Council on Monday.

He said that Imran Khan was elected Prime Minister of Pakistan but it is to disrespect the public mandate by saying him selected PM. Raja Basharat said, “Imran Khan criticized the corruption of self-claimed elected PM Nawaz Sharif during his sit in at Islamabad. We are providing each facility demanded by Nawaz Sharif but his relatives are raising contradictory issues of his health and public meetings simultaneously.”

He assured the media that the government possessed sufficient majority for the budget approval. Earlier replying to the press conference of Maryam Nawaz, Raja Basharat said that she (Maryam) was creating all hue and cries from the day when Nawaz was sent to jail, just to liberate his father and send him abroad. “She is also thundering on the issue of treatment of her father but the Punjab Government provided all facilities of treatment for his father and same will be ensured in future.

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