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I will fight for Nawaz Sharif till he get justice : Maryam Nawaz

Lahore : Maryam Nawaz while rejecting any cooperation with the government , has said that charter of economy is basically mockery of economy, the man who does not listen to anybody, atonce agreed to make a committee for this purpose because he want to share his blunders with the opposition.

Addressing a crowded press conference here at Model Town, Maryam Nawaz said ISI , Army and other agencies should not involved in politics this made National institutions controversial, and these institutions should not be controversial , let politicians do their business, she said those who support the government would be sinners in the court of masses who are being grinded due to price hike .

Maryam Nawaz expressed her great concerns over the health of imprisoned former prime minister Nawaz Sharif and said his life is in danger due to falling health , if anything happened to him than all respective people will be held responsible, she said that this is not Egypt and we will not let Nawaz Sharif die like Morsi , I am not asking for any relief or mercy rather putting the case before the court of 220 million people , Maryam Nawaz added.

She termed Commission made by PM Imran Khan to probe the loan gotton in last ten years , a JIT and said commission should be formed on international experts, commission should be made and it should review the loans and grants taken from 1999 to till the date.

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