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Lahore High Court acquitted murder accused sentenced on false evidence

Lahore : Mr. Justice Farooq Haider of Lahore High Court Bahawalpur Bench in his landmark judgment has acquitted one Ali Shahzad who was convicted under the charges of murder while declaring the evidence of complainant as false and has ordered the District and Session Judge, Bahawalnagar to proceed against complainant under section 194 of Pakistan Penal Code.

According to the detail of the case, the accused namely Ali Shahzad and his companion Muhammad Ahmad quarreled with the son of complainant Ahmad Shair. Ali Shahzad caught hold of the deceased and pressed his neck while his companion Muhammad Ahmad gave fist blows.

Ali Shahzad threw son of complainant on the metaled road which resulted into injury on the back of his head who later on succumbed to the injuries.

The Trial Court after the trial acquitted. Muhammad Ahmad while passed sentence against Ali Shahzad to undergo 14-years rigorous imprisonment as Taz’ir for committing Qatal Shibh-i-amd of Ahmad Shair and to pay an amount of Rs. 19,23,843/- as Diyat to the legal heirs of the deceased.

The conviction of Ali Shahzad was challenged and Hon’ble High Court during hearing of the appeal, declared in his judgment that the complainant has told lies on various occasions while concealing true facts from the Court.

Mr. Justice Farooq Haider in his judgment further maintained that the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Mr. Justice Asif Saeed Khan Khosa, in the recent landmark judgment (PLD 2019 SC 527) has declared that truth is the foundation of justice and justice is the core and bedrock of a civilized society and, thus, any compromise on truth amounts to a compromise on the society’s future of a just, fair and civilized society.

The Judgment passed by Mr. Justice Farooq Haider, Judge of Lahore High Court Bahawalpur Bench, Bahawalpur is in-line with the rational laid down by the Hon’ble Apex Court of Pakistan and in the light of teachings of Islam and it would further highlight the principles of Justice and fair play.

Mr. Justice Farooq Haider has further maintained that the Historic ruling of the Hon’ble Chief Justice of Pakistan has been widely appreciated by the public at large.

The recent landmark judgment will be a step towards implementation of the verdict of Hon’ble Apex Court of Pakistan to eliminate the menaces of false evidence.

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