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Shawal moon could be seen tomorrow : Fawad Ch

Lahore : Federal minister for Science and Technology Fawad Ch has said that Shawal ‘s moon birth has happened today at 3-02 PM and the moon could be seen after 28 hours on tomorrow so the Eid ul Fitr will be on Wednesday .

In a statement ; the federal minister said that people who want to see moon can visit met office . He said 64 telescope were installed throughout the country , people from Balochistan and Sindh would easily see the Eid Moon , he added.

Fawad Ch said that we are ready to give demo to Mufti Munib and Mufti Populzai if they want it , Roet Hilal Committee has 40 years old telescope which is not good . He said that the division among the nation on the event of happiness is not good so Ulema should think on it and should play their role in this regard.

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