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HCBF organizes seminar against corruption

Lahore : Hailey College of Banking & Finance’s Character Building Society in collaboration with National Accountability Bureau (NAB) has organized seminar to create awareness amongst the students against corruption and the role of NAB in encountering this menace.

Addressing the seminar, HCBF Principal Prof Dr Mubbsher Munawar Khan advised the younger generation to be proactive to eradicate the menace of corruption. He urged upon the need to develop thankfulness amongst the public and developing the habit of living within means. He urged upon the youth to be a custodian of their homes by not letting their parents to live beyond their means. This, when practiced religiously, will eliminate the very reason of corruption.

Earlier very comprehensive, informative and interactive sessions were conducted by NAB Lahore Director Mr. Muhammad Hasnain and NAB Deputy Director NAB Mr. Muhammad Sajid. Mr. Sajid gave a detailed presentation on the NAB Ordinance. He advised the students to read the NAB Ordinance very carefully to keep themselves updated on this vital legislation for National reconstruction. He said that this would enable them keep an eye on their surroundings and watch for the people living beyond their means.

Afterwards, a very lively and interactive session was conducted by Mr. Muhammad Hasnain. The students asked questions on the working of NAB, judicial process, plea bargaining and effects of conviction on high profile cases. The NAB officials replied to the questions within the framework of legislation. They appreciated the interest of the students and quality of their questions on this national issue.

Later on a walk was organized to mark the commitment of the younger generation to fight against corruption. The students of the college raised slogans regarding national integrity and solidarity. Their zealous moves depicted the commitment to make Pakistan corruption free.

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