Thursday , February 20 2020
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The profiteers opened unending loot bazar

Lahore : The profiteers have opened unending loot bazar in Ramzan in the metropolis as all the commodities prices have been increased without any justification. There is a government in Punjab which is claiming to provide relief to masses during Ramzan but it cannot be seen in the markets as nothing can stop the profiteers to loot the people . They are selling substandard food items on high prices everywhere but neither District Administration nor price controls magistrates could successfully checked them.

A rate list also issued on daily basis but who will going to implement it and make essential items sale on these prices happened.

To control artificial price-hike, price control magistrates have completely failed as sale of essential items i.e. sugar, Ata, vegetables, fruits were not being sold on the rate list approved by the District Administration,sugar price has gone to 70 rupees per kg in the market.

Furthermore, onion at 60 rupees per kg, tomato at 70 rupees per kg, Irani dates at 480 rupees per kg, Dal Chana 110 rupees per kg, bason 115 rupees per kg, rice 140 to 180 rupees per kg, lemon at 500 rupees per kg ,Potatoes Rs 60, ladyfingers 140, , bananas 150 per dozen, apples Rs 400 per KG , ginger Rs 280, garlic 240 , Falsa 500 per KG ,watermelon Rs 40 per KG , Melon 150 per KG , Loquat Rs 400 per KG and chicken at Rs 300 per KG.

previously it was said Hamza Shahbaz was behind the price rise of chicken but who is behind this loot now ,people asked question during the poll .

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