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NAB claimed to break Sharif family money laundering network

Lahore : NAB has claimed to arrest fifth accused Aftab Mehmood upon doing money laundering for Opposition leader Shahbaz Sharif , Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Hamza Shahbaz and Salman Shahbaz. NAB termed the arrest of Aftab Mehmood a big breakthrough in breaking money laundering network of the Sharif .

Aftab Mehmood arrest was made on the revelations of under arrest Shahid Rafiq . Both are real cousins and had transited Rs millions of Sharif Family by illegal means.

Shahid Rafiq was arrested a day before yesterday.

Aftab Mehmood was operating Usman International from London and Birmingham at a time and used to make bogus TT for Hamza shahnaz and Salman shahnaz unlawfully.

NAB had already arrested Fazal Dad , Qasim Qayyum, Muhammad Mushtaq and Shahid Rafiq .

NAB claimed that its teams have got evidences of Rs 3 billions money laundering of Shahbaz Sharif family during investigations of asset beyond means case.

Aftab Mehmood would be presented in NAB court tomorrow for physical remand.

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