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Patients of Parkinson now can be treated at LGH :

Lahore : Most modern method of treatment for the patients of Parkinson called DBS is available in Pakistan and now the people not have to bother to go overseas for this purpose. This was disclosed by the renowned Neuro Surgeon and Head of Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood while talking here today with regard to International Day of Parkinson.

He said that this new method is less painful and in cost as well while patients also go home within minimum possible time. He said that on this historic success he in thankful to Almighty Allah and determined to serve this beloved motherland in the coming days as well.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Mahmood called upon that apart from government it is moral responsibility of social organizations and philanthropists to come forward and work to control this complicated disease of Parkinson.

He said that Health Cards being introduced by the present Government would also play a vital role in providing relief to the masses and especially to the 4.5 lac people of Pakistan who are caught of this disease. He said that on International Day of Parkinson we also should reaffirm our determination to control diseases in our society and work for a healthy Pakistan.

Prof. Khalid Mahmood indicated the symptoms of Parkinson and said that normally people in old age are taken as the patients of this disease but in any age any male or female can be the patient of Parkinson and in this disease arm, hands and legs of the patient start shivering while there is high stress in the legs. If the disease increases then patient cannot stop head to move and it keeps on going right to left. He said that in Parkinson people have to depend on others and the rest of the life is spent in dependency.

Prof. Khalid Mahmood said that in DBS type of treatment a small hole is made on the both sides of the head of the patient and micro electrolysis are put which are connected to a batter and this batter is attached with the chest of the patient which works like peace maker.

Prof. Khalid Mahmood added that 11th April will be commemorated at World Parkinson Day in Pakistan as well and awareness would be created among the masses while medical experts would also be trained to meet this challenge. He said that special event will also take place at Punjab Institute of Neuro Sciences in this regard.

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