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Risk of cardiovascular diseases in women is greater : Prof Saeed Quraishy

Lahore : Vice Chancellor of Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy said that risk of cardiovascular diseases in women is greater during pregnancy because the blood volume of mother increases by 30 to 50 percent to nourish the baby. One should report to the doctor immediately if the mother experiences heart palpitations and shortness of breath; staying at home in such a condition could be dangerous.

He talked about the issue as the Chief Guest in Awareness Symposium on Heart Diseases in Women at Arag Auditorium.

The symposium was organized by Cardiology Department of Dow University of Health Sciences in collaboration with Gynecology Department of Dr. Ruth Pfao Civil Hospital and Pakistan Cardiac Society. Program Director, Dr. Nawaz Lashari, HOD, Gyne Ward Civil Hospital, Prof, Nusrat Shah, President of Pakistan Cardiac Society Prof, Feroz Memon, Prof, Zahid Jamal, Prof. Teepo Sultan, Prof. Safia Zafar. Asst, Prof. Ana, Asst. Prof. Gulam Abbas Shaikh and others also addressed the symposium.

Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy added that, it is a general perception that heart conditions in women are usually ignored. 30 years ago, it was assumed that the rate of heart diseases in women is lesser than that in men. But this has now been proved that both men and women suffer from heart diseases at the same rate while a heart attack is harder on a woman than a man. Specially, during pregnancy, women are at greater risk of cardiac diseases.

He told, by the end of this month, angiography machine incorporated with advanced technology will be operational at Dow University, Ojha Campus. He said that Dow University is working to extend its hospital facilities even further. He emphasized, women should eat a healthy diet, get regular exercise and add walk in their daily routine.

The Guest of Honor and President of Pakistan Cardiac Society, Prof. Feroz Memon said that risk of death at young age occurs due to cardiac diseases and women suffer with this the most. He added that there is an immense need to create awareness at mass level regarding the rapid increase of heart diseases in women. Our women should also know themselves how to stay safe from heart risks.

Director of Cardiology Department of Dow University of Health Sciences, Prof. Mohammad Nawaz Lashari revealed that the risk of developing cardiovascular diseases in women is 58 percent greater than men. Heart disease is the leading cause of deaths in women. 40 thousand of women die because of breast cancer while 4 lack, 20 thousand women die annually due to worsen heart conditions in america. He said, not only in Pakistan, but cardiac diseases in women are ignored round the world.

Dr. Ghulam Abbas Shaikh told that the cardiac emergency ward of Civil Hospital is the second largest emergency ward in the city where angioplasty service would be available 24 hours in the near future. He further said that approximately 150 to 200 patients get treated daily in the emergency ward of Civil Hospital. Nearly 10 thousand patients undergo echo test for heart imaging. Doctors carried out angiography of 1445 patients and angioplasty of 650 patients in 2017 while this number increased in 2018 by 1590 and 650 respectively. In 2019, there have been angiography of approximately 350 and angioplasty of 84 patients till now.At the end of the symposium, the Chief Guest Prof. Mohammad Saeed Quraishy distributed shields to the speakers. The symposium began with an awareness walk from Arag Auditorium to Civil Hospital on cardiovascular diseases in women. 

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