Friday , November 15 2019
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NAB team again raided at Shahbaz Sharif home

Lahore : On Saturday , NAB team has raided again at the residence of Shahbaz Sharif. It seemed that NAB does not want arrest of Hamza rather to disgrace his family. His arrest can be made easily by summoned him like others.

On the second day to, PML-N workers resisted and did not allow the raiding party to enter in the house.

On the occasion, a heavy contingent of the police baton charge the party workers to disperse them but failed to make it possible. PML-N worker faced torture but did not leave the place.

Rangers were also called to maintained law and order.

NAB team led by Deputy Director Ch Asghar said that they will go back after arresting Hamza Shahbaz and ready to stay for whole day and night. He should come out and give arrest like a leader which boost his political height, the NAB officer added.

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