Monday , January 20 2020
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NAB summons Dr Umar Saif

Lahore : Continuing the series to insult of the dignitaries for their marvelous services in the development of Punjab , this time NAB has marked former Vice Chancellor IT University Dr Umar Saif and called him to appear on 1st April to clear his position in I T Tower and Laptop Scheme.

Dr Umar Saif is world renowned IT scientist , and key man who brought the revolution in every department of Punjab through I.T.

He was removed by incumbent government on political ground . He was offered by many countries to work for them even as a minister but he preferred to stay in the country and do some research work.

The man who should be conferred with the highest medal of the country , has shamelessly been called for inquiry by NAB in matters in which he never had financial powers.

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