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India will always remain a threat : Liaqat Baloch

Lahore : Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Liaqat Baloch, has said that India would always remain a threat and Pakistan would have to devise a permanent policy on the Kashmir issue and a strategy for Pak-India relations.

Addressing the JI central  workshop at Mansoora, he said that whatever the differences between the political parties within the country, they must stand united for the defense of national security and against the geographical and ideological enemies of the country.

Liaqat Baloch said that the JI would continue to play a key role to keep the religious parties united for the protection of the country’s ideology, the Islamic culture and the Islamic laws.

He said the JI workers were fully confident in regard to their message and they would approach around five million households, shops, industrial concerns, etc., during the current Tahafuz e Pakistan and Mass contact campaign with a new vigour and determination, and convey the JI’s message to about thirty million people including women, youth and farmers and workers.

Continuing, the JI Secretary General said that Afghanistan would remain the centre of the attention of colonial powers and it was essential to be vigilant of the designs of the colonial powers, the Hindus and the Zionists.

 He said that Afghanistan belonged to the Afghans, Kashmir belonged to  the Kashmiris while Palestine was for the Palestinians. He urged the Prime Minister Imran Khan not to surrender to international pressure. He made it clear that neither a deal on Kashmir nor the recognition of Israel would be acceptable for the people of Pakistan.  

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