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Youth is a real strength of the nation : Raja Basharat

Lahore : Minister for Law, Parliamentary Affairs and Local Government Muhammad Basharat Raja has said that the youth was real strength of the nation and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) believed in empowering and educating its youth meticulously.

He was addressing the Convocation of Superior University as guest of honour at the Expo Center on Saturday.

Congratulating the degree receiving students, Minister said that improving education and ensuring welfare of the youth was one of the top priorities of the government.

Basharat Raja said that in accordance with the Prime Minister’s vision, the PTI was striving to bring uniform education system across the country to eliminate disparity in this basic right of the people. He urged the need of producing modern scientists and IT experts alongside social scientists to meet the current needs of the time. He commended the role of private universities and colleges for fulfilling this gap and helping the public sector.

The minister hoped that the outgoing students would utilize their education and academic trainings in making the Pakistan a prosperous and advanced country.

He congratulated Ch. Abdul Rehman and his team for conducting such a splendid convocation. Taking the advantage of huge audience, he admired Pak forces and the federal government for deterring India’s aggression and winning world’s admiration on liberating Indian pilot as a peace gesture.

He said that the PTI was rightly making Pakistan respectable sovereign state among the international community and restoring its dignity as was committed by the PM Imran Khan during general elections.

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