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Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema assumed the charge as MS Services Hospital

Lahore : Newly appointed Medical Superintendent of Services Hospital Lahore, Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema has assumed the charge of his post and start functioning. He took round of different departments of Services Hospital on Tuesday and inspected the attendance of the doctors, nurses and other staff. He also reviewed the arrangements of cleanliness and other services being delivered there.

While talking there, Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema said that betterment of the institution and better services for each patient coming here is his motto for which all available resources would be utilized. He asked the administrative doctors to ensure open door policy for all the patients and give VIP treatment to everyone.

He said that we have to further upgrade the standard of the hospital and endeavor that every citizen coming Services Hospital should realize the change.

Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema asked the nursing administration to keep a vigilant eye on the working of staff especially in behaving gently with patients. He said that Nursing Superintendent has been given residence in the Hospital campus to remain available and visit emergency and other department off and on in day and night time to round and ensure proper medical care for the patients.

Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema said that as per the directions of the Punjab Government and the guidance of Principal of Services Institute of Medical Sciences Prof. Mahmood Ayaz we all should come up to the expectations of the people and provide the best congenial atmosphere to the patients in the hospital.

Medical Superintendent categorically said that if there would be any complaint about cleanliness then sanitary inspector would be responsible. Similarly if there is anything wrong in the ward then concerned sister in charge will have to be answerable.

Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema while talking to the administrative doctors said that during round of the wards they should avoid taking salute from their juniors and monitor their working. He also asked to end favoritism and prioritize the merit by taking each and every employee as team member.

Dr. Saleem Shahzad Cheema claimed that he would work for the betterment and good name of the Services Hospital and support himself each hardworking, honest and able officer and worker of the institution.

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