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NAB inquiry offends Ch Brothers

Lahore : NAB inquiry regarding properties of Ch Brothers in Paris has offended the allies of the PTI government , they strongly reacted upon the press release of the NAB saying that NAB chairman himself to go to Paris on their expense and verified the properties if he succeeded then have it to minimize the losses of the department.

PML-Q President and former Ch Shujaat Hussain and Speaker Punjab Assembly Ch Pervaiz Elahi said in a statement that a news with reference about founding record of property of Chaudhry Brothers in Paris , they offered the Chairman NAB , he should go to Paris along with his 3 members team and investigate the matter, we will provide them first class ticket whereas their accommodation and transport will be arranged by the people of Gujrat.

They will ask the people of Gujrat residing in Paris to arrange residence, food and transport for Chairman NAB and his team and help them to pinpoint the property according to the record, we would hand over entire property to NAB in plea bargaining so that he can meet his deficit.

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