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Journalist Group leads the LPC elections 2018-19

Lahore : Journalist Group is leading the Lahore Press Club Elections 2018-19.

According to the unofficial and unconfirmed results ,Journalist Panel’s Arshad Ansari was leading with overwhelming majority against Progressive’s Shahbaz Mian.

Journalist Group’s candidate for senior vice president Zulfiqar Mehtu and vice president Nasira Atiq were winning vice Rehman Bhutta and Jawad Rizvi.

Progressive Panel’s candidate for secretary Zahid Abid was leading with clear majority against Journalist Panel Shahzad Hussain Butt and independent candidates Shadab Riaz and Shafiq Awan. Both independent candidates had served the Press Club as secretary in the past.

Journalist Panel’s candidate for Treasurer Salik Nawaz was ahead in the counting against Progressive Panel’s Zaheer Babar .

Progressive Panel’s Naveed Alam was on lead for joint secretary against Journalist Panel’s Hafiz Faiz.

Governing Body result for 9 seats also gone in favour of Journalist Panel as its 6 candidates won the seats whereas Progressive Panel’s 3 candidates secured their seats. FAs per final results ; Imran Sheikh 889,Shahid Ch 787 , Ahmad Raza 864,Husnain Ch 699 , Rana Tahir 755 , Azhar Maqbool 679 ,Hassan Taimoor Jhakar 717 , Qaim Raza 691 ,Gul Nawaz 693.

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