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Nawa-i-Waqt staff observed pen down strike

Lahore : Nawa -i-Waqt and The Nation staff has observed pen down strike for the issuance of their pending salaries. The workers shut down the lights and computers so no one could even think of completing his assignment during strike hours.

Out station editions of the newspaper were become late which alarmed the management and they came to negotiate with the workers. The management promised to pay one salary within 5 days and the remaining dues to be paid soon.

On the assurity ,workers started work after a few hours.

Nawa -i-Waqt group had not paid salaries to its employees for the last three months , the management even did not care about the apex court orders for the payment of salaries.

The joint action committee of journalists has welcomed the pen down strike of Nawa -i-Waqt staff and said their courage has set an example for the workers of other media houses.

The convenor JAC Azam Ch said in statement that if the employees of media houses show courage like Nawa -i-Waqt staff than no owner would dare to hold salaries forced termination and cut in salaries of the employees . He said that federal government has released 61 crores to the media houses ,,after that holding salaries has no justification.


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