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Sale of Dairy Drinks to be banned by December 5th

Lahore : The provincial food regulatory body (PFA) has imposed a ban on the sale of dairy drinks being sold in market on the name of dairy products. In this regard, the Punjab Food Authority has given a deadline to all companies to remove stock of flavoured milk till December 5th. Strict action would be taken against the violators as per law.

In this regard, PFA Director General Captain (R) Muhammad Usman said that the decision to this effect was taken on the recommendations of PFA Scientific Panel.

He further said that children use dairy drink as replacement of milk and consider it as a nutrient-rich milk. However, reality is totally opposite. Dairy drinks are produced after extracting healthy fat and creams from milk, such drinks are low in solid not fat.

Usman Younis further said that companies are selling flavoured milk sneakily in the market which is a labelling fraud. He has requested citizens to avoid buying such products and should use homemade products as they are best for children’s growth, he added.

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