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Imran Khan to name the politicians involved in crime : Seraj ul Haq

Lahore : Ameer,  Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Siraj Ul Haq, has stressed upon the Prime Minister Imran Khan to name the politicians involved in crime, issue details of their crimes and put them behind the bars.

Addressing a press conference at Quetta on Monday, he said that the job of the government was not to give sermons as its duty was to overcome lapses and expose those responsible for that.

Sirajul Haq said that the Prime Minister could not have made a statement about the involvement of majority of politicians in crimes without any investigation. He said that the nation wanted indiscriminate accountability of the corrupt and ill reputed people. He said that all those who had plundered public money, including politicians, generals, judges and bureaucrats, must be brought to accountability.

The JI chief called upon the government not to seek fresh loan from the IMF and instead, proclaim financial emergency and retrieve the 375 billion dollars owned by the Pakistanis lying abroad. He said that the money so recovered should be used to pay off the previous loans and the remaining amount could be used to build dams and for public welfare projects.

Sirajul Haq said that the problems of the people of Balochistan in in the field of education, health and employment were far more acute that in other provinces. He said that despite allocation of Rs. 20 billion for law and order annually, the people in the province felt themselves insecure. He said that the country could not go ahead ignoring Balochistan. He said the people of Balochistan had the first right over the resources of the province and they could not be expected to love the country by denying them of their rights.

The JI chief said that the NAB seemed to have become a part of the political system and the people were disappointed.  He said the expenditure on NAB was far more than its recoveries. He said nobody knew why the 436 persons named in the Panama leaks other than Nawaz Sharif were not been proceeded against.  Besides, he said, around 150 cases of mega scandals were pending with the NAB but there was no progress in these cases.

The JI chief said that Rs. Five billion were being spent on the development of Quetta, the capital of the Balochistan but the city looked like a big village  and was  without big educational institutions, hospitals. The government hospitals lacked doctors and medicines while the schools were without teachers.

He said according to the official survey, most of ghost schools were in Balochistan and thousands of teachers were getting salaries without doing any work. The rate of child mortality in the province was much higher than in other provinces. He said that the people who had been coming to power were again and again in the province were responsible for this situation.

Referring to the CPEC, Sirajul Haq said there was national consensus on this mega project but the government had been keeping its details a secret. He said that the reservations of Balochistan government and people in regard to CPEC must be removed.

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