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Sharifs were behind Rana Mashhood statement : Fayaz Chohan

Lahore : The motive behind Rana Mashhood’s statement was just to earn cheap publicity. It is indeed another flop venture to make the election 2018 questionable and ambiguous. Former government has tried to defame the image of establishment in the past.

Provincial minister for information and culture Fayaz ul Hassan Chohan expressed these views while talking to media outside Punjab Assembly today.

He said, during the historical sit-in, a former PML (N) minister Mushahid Ullah has also tried to destroy the image of establishment in an interview to BBC. But when he had to face the criticism from the masses, he had been turned into Wazeer e Makholiat by Shahbaz Sharif the former chief minister Punjab. Same strategy is being carried out by Sharif family through their cronies like Rana Mashood. His yesterday’s statement and his current talk here today clearly depicts that he is just narrating the dictation given by somebody else.

He further added that the statement of Rana Mashood is actually a futile effort to get the sympathies of general public in upcoming by-elections. It has been done to convince the people that PML (N) has done a deal with establishment that is completely concocted. PML (N) will never succeed in their nefarious designs and will have to face the failure once again.

Later, the minister congratulated Dr. Shahzad Waseem for electing senator and declared his victory the victory of the policies of Imran Khan.

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