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Ghalib Market police booked minister housing son Mian Hassan

Lahore : Ghalib Market police have booked minister housing Mian Mehmood ur Rasheed son Mian Hassan and his friends alleging they attacked upon cops , kidnapped them and snatched weapons , mobile phone, wireless set.

Hassan was caught with a girl in objectionable condition in a car registered on his father’s name.When cops asked them to go to police station,they resisted and called friends who attacked upon police men Nadeem Iqbal , Usman Mushtaq and Usman Saeed , snatched weapons , mobile and took them forcibly , FIR revealed.

DIG investigations Syed Khurram Ali said that police is trying to arrest the culprits.
Minister Housing Mian Mehmood it Rasheed has claimed that fake news spreading about his son.

Addressing an emergent press conference at DGPR office , Mian Mehmood dismissed the police version stating that his son was not there rather he went there after receiving a call when the clash has been ended.

He claimed that police men demanded 50 thousands from his son Hassan’s friend and attempted to put down his shalwar after stopping the car who was going with his class fellow.

Mian Mehmood condemned police highhandedness and demanded fair investigations.

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