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Disrespect to citizens shall be taken seriously : IG Motorways police

Lahore : The Inspector General National Highways and Motorway Police has taken serious notice of the video exhibiting manhandling of a commuter by an officer of NH&MP. After the incident was reported to the Inspector General, suspension orders against two patrolling officers, Akram Naseem and Rai Rafiq, were issued immediately along with formal inquiry into the occurrence.

Reportedly, one motorbike rider named M. Tayyab was driving recklessly on the highway without a helmet. He bypassed several signals by the two patrolling officers to stop along a stretch of 2-3 kms. Finally, after chasing him for a while, the officers were able to intercept him. However, instead of pleading guilty to his repeated offences, he tried to flee off by abandoning his bike on the road. In a moment of rage, one of the officers got hold of him and subjected him to physical assault.
The offender was issued tickets for driving without a license, for not wearing a helmet and for ignoring signals to stop. He has also been handed over to local Police for criminal proceedings u/s 279 PPC that pertains to reckless driving.

The Inspector General NH&MP has stated that though enforcement is our prime responsibility, the same must be undertaken with optimal restraint. Officers must take it upon themselves to ensure composure while dealing with public. He further stated that any officer found guilty of transgression shall not only be subjected to disciplinary proceedings but also criminal charges.

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