Sunday , June 7 2020
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Thousands of people protest in Mardan against rigging

Lahore : ANP led a protest in Carsadah Chowk, Mardan. Thousand of people shouted slogans against rigging and demanded recounting but no national TV given coverage to the peaceful protest .

During protest a convoy of military trucks passed by them which charged the crowd and they shouted slogans which made the situation tense as the soldiers hold their guns but neither the protesters stopped slogans nor they get back .

The situation is highly dangerous which may be cooled only by the recounting or repoll .

Later while addressing the protesters ; ANP chief Asfand Tar Wali said that we are the followers of Bacha Khan and can not be threatened by guns.He strongly criticized the ECP staff and RO and directed them to keep peaceful and record their protest.

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