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Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the revamped DHQ Hospital Narowal

Lahore : Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated the revamped DHQ Hospital Narowal today which has been done with a cost of Rs. 76 crore. The evening facility of OPD has also been arranged in the hospital.

He inaugurated new emergency block, hepatitis filter clinic and CT- scan machine there. The hepatitis filter clinic has been constructed with an amount of Rs.3 crore and important sections have been added to this 300-bed hospital. The Chief Minister also inaugurated mobile health units for Narowal and Sialkot districts and handed over the keys to the Deputy Commissioners.

Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif visited various sections of the hospital and inquired after the health of the patients. He said that due to holistic healthcare reforms, same medicines are provided to the ordinary patients which are accessible to elite of the society adding that ordinary people have equal rights over quality healthcare facilities.

Talking to the media afterwards, the Chief Minister said that mega healthcare projects have been completed by the Punjab government for improving the standards of medical facilities. He said that DHQ Hospital Narowal has been revamped and its capacity has been increased to 300-beds. Mobile hospitals have also been provided to Narowal and Sialkot districts to provide quality healthcare facilities to the people living in remote areas. He said that latest machinery has been installed in various DHQ hospitals , Secretary Ali Jan Khan, political colleagues and administration for their untiring efforts for setting up paraphernalia of latest hospitals in the province. CT-scan machine has also been installed in the DHQ hospital Narowal to provide round-the-clock services to the patients, he said. This facility is totally free of cost and no difficulty would ever arise to the patients as outdated and archaic system has been done away with in the hospitals. The unholy alliance of the local mafia has also been broken and no one will ever dare to pressurize the patients now to get their CT-scans done from the outside by making lame excuses that time is over or the machine is out of order, he added.

According to the latest CT-scan system, a radiologist will always be available in Lahore center of the company to submit report. He maintained that ultra-rich have access to quality healthcare facilities abroad but the poorest of the poor have always been deprived of such necessary facilities. Quaid and Iqbal had not envisioned such a Pakistan nor were great sacrifices given for such a country, he maintained.

Shahbaz Sharif said that PML-N led Punjab government has given new hopes to the disfranchised segments of the society by setting up such quality hospitals in every district of the province. Along with the latest facility of PKLI in Lahore, a network of hepatitis filter clinics has been spread across the province to provide free treatment and medicines to the patients. It is for the first time that resourceless persons are getting same medicines which are given to the resourceful dignitaries.

He said that pathology labs have been set up in district hospitals and special wards have also been established for the treatment of prisoners. We have ensured equality in the hospitals and billions of rupees are spent every year for the provision of medicines.

The Chief Minister said that opponents call me as Showbaz; alleging that I only construct roads and bridges and have no interest about health and education. Imran Niazi used to claim that they will not develop jangla bus and roads in KPK but instead, health and educational institutions will be developed. But Niazi Sahib has failed to set up any quality medical university, state-of-the-art pathology lab, new colleges or hospitals there.

He has given attention to jangla bus at the last leg of his tenure and the whole city of Peshawar has been turned upside down in garb of this project. Niazi Sahib has failed to arrange for the metro bus but the people have had enough with the project. Niazi Sahib termed me as more dangerous than Nawaz Sharif. Yes, I may be dangerous because I developed hospitals and educational institutions for the benefit of the indigent strata. I also took necessary steps for providing best of the best facilities to the people, he said. Niazi Sahib, I have arranged coaching for you in 36 districts of the province. You should come here and we will educate you about setting up new development schemes. Wish Niazi Sahib would have had the ability to claim that he would develop Peshawar like Lahore but he has devastated it. He said that power projects worth five thousand megawatts capacity have been set up by the Punjab government with its own resources. Despite scorching heat, if there is no load-shedding then it is the reward of struggle of PML-N for overcoming the energy crisis.

He said that power projects have been installed in Punjab province but their electricity is being provided to the whole of the country. This is the gist of national service and nations are developed this way. If we continued to work with same zeal, commitment, passion and hard work then Pakistan shall surpass Modi’s India after five years. He said that Zardari Sahib has gone to Dubai now-a-days.

I pray that he may return back soon to take part in the elections and enjoy the public reception. Zardari Sahib, you have devastated Sindh and Karachi has been badly administered. Billions of rupees have been spent on development schemes in Late Bhutto’s city of Larkana but despite that, the city is in dilapidated conditions. The reason is that you have put this money in your pocket instead of spending it on the development of the city. He disclosed that CCI meeting had decided to give 300 megawatts electricity to Punjab from 700 megawatt and approval was accorded by the then prime minister Yousaf Raza Gillani but the decision was not implemented and the Sindh government took stay order from the High Court which was an illegal step.

We have installed power projects in Punjab with our own resources and their electricity is being provided to Sindh and other parts of the country. Zardari Sahib we don’t think like you as national interest is dearer to us and all other things are of secondary importance.

He further said that DHQ Hospital Narowal has been developed as a wonderful healthcare institution which can be compared with any hospital of Turkey and Malaysia.

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