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Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated different projects in Okara

Lahore : Punjab Chief Minister Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif inaugurated different projects including hepatitis filter clinic, CT scan facility, incinerator and cardiac block in revamped DHQ hospital Okara on Tuesday.

After the inauguration, he visited the newly established filter clinic, CT scan and test lab and asked the patients about the facilities provided to them. The representatives of Hitachi Company briefed about the details of CT scan machine.

Talking on the occasion, the Chief Minister said that round-the-clock CT scan test facility in public sector hospitals is a historic initiative adding that health culture has been totally transformed in government hospitals. Now, no CT scan machine will be out of order nor staff will be absent from duty.

He also inspected the incinerator project and expressed the satisfaction that it will eliminate any possibility of spread of disease due to the hospital waste. He said that Punjab government is striving for providing healthy atmosphere to the people.

The Chief Minister also inspected the emergency ward, cardiac block, OPD and other sections and directed the doctors to provide best facilities to the patients. He asked the patients and their attendants about medical facilities and behavior of the staff. He congratulated the people over the completion of different development projects costing Rs.40 crore.

He said that Punjab government is providing CT scan facilities in 20 DHQ hospitals. On the occasion, the Chief Minister was informed that Rs.25 crore and 30 lakh has been spent on revamping of DHQ hospital Okara and capacity has been enhanced to 260 beds and 25 medical sections. A new emergency block has also been established with an amount of Rs.10 crore.

Talking to the media persons afterwards, the Chief Minister said that different steps taken for improving the health sector are bearing fruit. Latest system has been introduced in hepatitis filter clinic of PKLI and free medicines and treatment facilities are available to the patients. It gives the impression of a most modern European hospital with regard to latest medical facilities, he added.

He said a new 250 bedded hospital will be established in Okara if an opportunity is accorded to serve the people again in upcoming elections and the building of the hospital will be constructed at the same place. He said that he has also inaugurated the rehabilitation work of DHQ hospital Chiniot today and added that many other revamped DHQ hospitals will also be inaugurated in next few days.

He said that PML-N government has served the ailing humanity with commitment, hard work and passion. Mobile hospital has also been inaugurated in Okara to provide best medical facilities to the people in remote areas. He said that such 20 mobile hospitals are providing necessary healthcare facilities in remote hinterlands of the province.

He said that UNDP’s report of May 2018 has also stated that Punjab is ahead of other provinces in health and education sectors and it is praiseworthy. However, destination is far ahead now as population of the Punjab province has reached to 11 crore and therefore, we have to work day and night to provide quality healthcare facilities to this large number of population. All the required resources for health and education sectors will be provided if we continue to work hard; the day is not away when Pakistan will be stood with the countries like Malaysia and Turkey.

He maintained that opponents remained engross in name-calling, sit-ins and allegations-leveling. On the other side, we remained busy in public service and development works and set records of public service. That is why I say, “Punjab is once again on the top—therefore, you should take pity on yourself.” People are looking towards those elements with disdain and anger due to their sit-ins, name-calling, mendacity and the habit of negative politics.

In fact, people have been fed up with their politics of deceit and allegations, he said. It is the reason; I say that every allegation of liar Imran has resulted in giving respect and repute to the Punjab province while Zardari has been miserably failed.

We have selflessly served the masses day and night. The development process in Punjab has been acknowledged by the all and therefore, Niazi should find some other excuses. He said that Niazi sahib has given an agenda of 100 days and people rightfully ask that what they have done during the last five years in KPK. The Niazi government has devastated the KPK province and they cannot befool the nation through 100 days agenda, he added.

Niazi has given his 100 days agenda while we have already completed more than thousand development projects of public welfare and totally revolutionalized the health and education sectors. That is why I am of the opinion that work earns true respect and the allegations of Niazi cannot put any damage to us. Terming both Imran Khan and Asif Zardari as political jugglers, he said that we will continue the journey of public welfare while these elements will continue to level allegations and speak lies fluently. Our government has set a trend of hard work, honesty and trust while Niazi set records of falsehood. He did not establish any hospital or the educational institution in KPK and their claim of producing electricity has also proved incorrect. They have produced minus six megawatt electricity during the last five years, he added.

Replying to the questions of the media, the Chief Minister said that NAB is a constitutional body and digging out corruption is its responsibility. However, accountability should be transparent and if it is done so then questions will arise and the people will also speak up about it.

He said the good work done anywhere should be appreciated and the bad work should also be held accountable. Niazi has devastated the KPK province while Zardari ruined Sindh and Karachi became a victim of their maladministration. They have usurped many hundred of billion of rupees and it should also be held account for. The country can be transformed into a Pakistan of Quaid and Iqbal through indiscriminate process of accountability, he said.

I would request the Supreme Court, NAB and other institutions to make the country stronger by working jointly. Those who are working should be appreciated while the corrupt elements should be taken to task, he added.

To a question regarding deserters of the party, Shehbaz Sharif replied back he can only pray for them that may Allah Almighty guide them. He said that a survey has been published by English daily yesterday in which Punjab is leading the other provinces. He said that we have served the masses and reward will be given by Almighty Allah.

To another question, he said that PML-N is a leading political party representing the whole of the country. The consultation process continues in the party and policies are framed through mutual consultations. It is not necessary that all the people should agree with any given opinion and, in fact, it is the beauty of the democracy.

Shahbaz Sharif said that Niazi has given the agenda of 100 days and asked to whom he is deceiving now through this agenda. He has not done anything during the last five years in KPK where no new institution is developed. On the other side, we have completed innumerous development projects in Punjab.

Similarly, Zardari sahib left for Dubai after playing havoc with Karachi and devastating the province of Sindh. He has looted the wealth of the nation with both hands. The people will differentiate between good and bad in the upcoming elections and they will also decide that who has served them and who wasted their time, concluded the Chief Minister.

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