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Allowing change of sex is a matter of shame : Sirajul Haq

Lahore : Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan Senator Sirajul Haq, has urged the people to consider the forthcoming elections as a conflict between Truth and Falsehood and stand by the forces of truth.

Addressing a big Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said that nations could not gain respect by shedding tears and raising hue and cry as only the nations fighting against evil and standing firm on the path of virtue could survive with dignity and gain respect.

Sirajul Haq said that the rulers were violating the constitution only to remain in power. He said that a time when Israel and India were shedding the blood of the Palestinians and Kashmiris, secular and liberal elements were trying to advance their agenda in the country and the National Assembly had passed a law allowing change of sex by adult boys and girls which should be a matter of shame.

The JI chief said that the month of Ramazan brought the message of divine help and victory for the Muslims. The Islamic history was full of major events that occurred during the month of Ramazan and the believers emerged victorious. These included the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Makkah, the liberation of Al-Quds, and also the establishment of Pakistan.

He however said the need of the hour was a complete unity and unanimity among the Muslims. He said the enemies were trying hard to create dissent and discord among the Muslims. The US, he said, was driving the Muslims states to war in order to sell its arms and ammunition and the Muslims were falling prey to its conspiracies instead of striving to foil the enemy designs. He said that Gaza was on fire but the rulers of the Muslim world were fighting one another.

The JI chief said that the mutual conflicts of the Muslim states must end and the OIC should work out a joint line of action to foil the enemy designs and to achieve  complete  Muslim unity. He said that more than sixty Palestinians had been martyred by Israeli forces but the Muslim rulers remained totally indifferent due to which the Muslim Ummah was disappointed. He said that Turkish President Recep Tayep  Erodgan alone stood out as the champion of truth and had the courage to see eye to eye the forces of Kufr. However, he said, that the Turkish President alone could not do much.

He said that the OIC meeting in Istanbul should prove decisive as mere passage of a resolution condemning Israel won’t make any difference.

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