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Pervaiz Elahi address to General Workers meeting

Lahore : Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q) senior central leader and former Deputy Prime Minister Ch Pervaiz Elahi has said that every scheme of Shahbaz Sharif has failed and full of corruption , he will soon meet his destiny due to corruption in flop schemes.

He said this while addressing General Workers meeting at his residence here today (Saturday).

On this occasion, MPA Khadeeja Farooqui, District President Faisalabad Muhammad Azeem, Ch Burhanul Muqtadir, Ch Nabi Ahmad, Ch Ehsanullah Tarar, Malik Faraz Awan, Rana Tasawar Hussain, Ch Hassan Akhtar, Asher Waseem Babar, Malik Bashir, Abu Bakr Hamza, Nighat Rana and Mohtarma Mussarat Khan were also present.

Ch Pervaiz Elahi said that N-League had eaten its own made “tandoors”, in the corruption which has come to the fore in Ashiana Housing Scheme for the poor rulers own men are being nabbed.

He said that we will provide every possible facilities because workers are the real strength of the party, objective of our politics is to provide facilities to the common and poor man

He said that Nawaz Sharif says in his speech “mujhey kiyun nikala” (why ousted me) because of his stances Nawaz Sharif has been removed thrice from the office of the prime minister, by defaming the institutions whose mission he is fulfilling?

Ch Pervaiz Elahi further said that because of defective construction a speedo bus in Multan had dumped into earth, this road inaugurated only a month ago which is ample proof of corruption and commission of Shahbaz Sharif, by scrapping our projects Shahbaz Sharif has demonstrated his enmity of the people, today doctors, teachers, farmers and workers on strike against him on the road.

He said all parties including PTI are telling people that on coming into power we will do this whereas he have already done works for welfare of the people, Insha-Allah on coming again we will further carry these onwards, we have implemented our manifesto, today everyone including farmers, workers, patients, teachers is remembering tenure of Muslim League.

Muslim League Faisalabad delegation invited Ch Pervaiz Elahi to visit Faisalabad and Jaranwala.

District President Faisalabad Rana Muhammad Azeem said that the party will gain strength in real sense now, deserters have gone alone, party full organization is still with us even today, workers conventions will shortly be organized in Faisalabad and Jaranwala.

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