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Tourists boycott to Murree awaken the administration

Lahore : Tourists boycott to visit the Murree for recreation has awaken the city administration and brought the hotel owners to the land.

The city police held a March to ensure security on the deserted roads which stuck with traffic flow throughout the year .The rally supported welcomed by the hotel owners . The Murree police said they would ensure security of the tourists and their complaints would be entertained on priority.

Boycott Murree campaign on social media has been successfully run which inspired the people to that extant the tourist was not being seen there for weeks which has collapsed the economy of the city.

Mind it that number of families were tortured on pitty issues and no one heard even complaints against the accused. Overcharging and rude behaviour were routine that kicked off boycott Murree campaign.

Still more to do to restore confidence of the people. Till than families are advised to continue their boycott Murree and spend good time in other parts of the country as Murree was not the only hill station in Pakistan.

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